Irene Zottola

Irene Zottola

As a social educator, uses the image as an educational tool with groups in vulnerable situations.

As a creator, she explores the limits of analog photography in a self-taught way to express her particular world where aspects such as dreams, nature, sexuality, memory, and identity are present in her images, often accompanied by text.

An apprentice from the Slow Photo collective, her work has been exhibited at fairs, festivals in Barcelona, Madrid, and Morocco, among others.
In 2019 she wins the scholarship for the Master of Author photo at the Center for Contemporary Photography. In 2020 she participated in the fifth edition of the Action for Art platform, curated by Gloria Oyarzábal, and in the group exhibition 20Artistas 20 Cuerpos at the Museum of Reproductions of Bilbao.

Winner of the V Edition of the Fotocanal Contest organized by the Community of Madrid, she has published her first photobook with Ediciones Anómalas: Ícaro.

Irene Zottola


Charla- Taller Festival La NUU Festival de Fotografía, Barcelona.
Special Prize Mention Festival Incadaqués, Barcelona.
Exposición Individual Art Photo, Centre Civic Can Basté, Barcelona.
Hereditas ArtBook. Colaboración Artística con Gonzalo Borondo, Segovia.
Taller Autorretrato Escuela Blackkamera, Bilbao.
Ganadora de la V Edición del Certamen Fotocanal Madrid.
Exposición Hereditas. Colaboración Artística con Gonzalo Borondo Museo de Arte Contemporáneo San Vicente, Segovia.

Art Photo Barcelona. Finalista Portfolio Review. Barcelona.
Exposición Individual. Sala La Polaroid. Cádiz.
Instalación urbana. La NUU Festival de Fotografía, Barceloa.
Exposición Individual. Espacio Véntalo galería de Arte, Barcelona.
Residencia artística de Creación Festival Revela-T, Barcelona.
20 Cuerpos 20 Artistas Bilboko Berrecinen Museoa. Bilbao.
Finalista Beca Blackkamera “As from my window I sometimes glance” Bilbao.
Exposición colectiva Acción por el Arte #05 comisariada por Gloria Oyarzábal.

Nuits Photographiques Festival. Essaouira, Marruecos.
Ganadora Beca CFC Máster Fotografía de Autor, Bilbao.
Itinerarios Fotográficos Festival de Fotografía PA-TA-TA, Málaga.
Exposición Feminismo y Feminidad. Galería Le Mur, Madrid.
Exposición individual. Espacio Cultural La Lumbre, Madrid.
Exposición Espacio de Encuentro Feminista Comunidad de Madrid.
15ºFórum Fotográfic Centro Civic Can Basté, Barcelona.

Finalista Rfotofolio Grant International Award. EEUU.
Portfolio Review Belgrade PhotoMonth, Serbia.
Photojournalist Manu Brabo's Assistant, Spain.

Irene Zottola

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